Plan for financial strength

Myth: you need money to plan your finances.

The truth: the less money you have the fewer mistakes you can make.

Planning your financial future doesn’t have to start with a team of experts. It can start with a pen, paper, and an honest assessment of what you make and where you spend it.

New York Foundation for the Arts

This site houses several helpful articles on the business of art, including accounting, taxes, donations, incorporation, sales taxes, financial goals, and grants.

Legal and financial management

The Craft Emergency Relief Fund’s site houses articles on legal help, pension programs, estate and legacy planning, financial planning, microlending (loans), and more.

Financing for Artists: Cash Flow and Career Planning

The advice: Live off 65%. Set aside 10% for charities, another 10% for retirement, save 10% for unexpected expenses, and put at least 5% into a taxable savings account.

Artist Help Network

The Artist Help Network shares links accounting and bookkeeping, business volunteers for the arts, and art accounts.

Artist's Health Insurance Resource Center

The Artist's Health Insurance Resource Center shares information on how to get affordable health insurance in Kansas City and across the nation.

Studio Protector: Artists' Guide to Emergencies

Small measures taken in advance of an emergency, and the right sequence of emergency response actions, can make a huge difference in reducing loss and in the time it takes to rebound from a setback. Studio Protector provides an information toolkit to help artists be disaster ready and disaster resilient!

Fractured Atlas: Fiscal Sponsorship

Fractured Atlas provides fiscal sponsorship for artists. Learn about and apply for the program here.

Freelancers Union: Benefit Plans for the Self-employed

Health insurance, life insurance and retirement plans, plus legal advocacy and discounts for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

And when you need a team of experts, start here:

Kansas City Volunteer Lawyers & Accountants for the Arts
St. Louis Volunteer Lawyers and Accountants for the Arts

The VLAA maintains a library for use by artists, arts administrators, and volunteers. The collection includes sample contracts, periodicals, and books on arts management and the law, as well as information about artist live/work space.