Disaster Preparation

How Would You Recover From A Disaster?

No one wants to think about the possiblity of a disaster. Unfortunately, fires, floods, tornadoes and more are very real events that can have a devastating impact on one's life. For artists, this impact can be even more profound if it includes the loss of artwork, assets or archives. It is vitally important for artists to have a disaster recovery plan.

Studio Protector: An Artist's Guide to Disaster Preparedness

Small measures taken in advance of an emergency, and the right sequence of emergency response actions, can make a huge difference in reducing loss and in the time it takes to rebound from a setback.

The Studio Protector is an easy-to-use disaster readiness and response resource with checklists to help artists protect and save their art, workspace, and career.

  • How to safeguard art, assets, and archives (the "A's")
  • How to prevent and prepare for an emergency in any studio
  • What to do immediately before and after a disaster

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