Promote your work

Reach the Market for Your Art

Create a marketing toolbox to promote your work, tell your story, and bring in an audience.

Artist INC puts you in touch with arts and business resources to help you showcase your work to the press and the public.

Equip your promotional toolbox with:

  • Business cards: A great, and inexpensive, leave-behind. And with images, business cards can also act as a minibrochure or miniportfolio. Many online postcard printers offer competitive prices—and some even give you free cards if you allow them to print their logo on your card (and, notably, follow up with deep discounts that don’t require you to advertise their company).

  • Images: Keep quality, digital images on hand that you can snail or e-mail. Be sure to stock your files with headshots, images of your work, and documented shots of your performances or openings.

  • Artist bio: Write up a press-ready biography, in a variety of lengths—one sentence, a few lines, a short paragraph, and a full bio.

  • Resume and Artist's Statement: Have these essentials at the ready, so you can quickly slip them into a grant application or attach them to a press release.

  • Fliers and postcards: Save any press mentions, postcards, fliers, and photos from your performances or shows. It helps you document your career and can pad your press kit.

  • Mailing list: Create a database of everyone you know, meet, and want to introduce to your work. Categorize your contacts (fellow artists, press, industry, and general), so you can tailor your mailings and announcements.

  • Web site: Your Web site is crucial. One, it serves as your online portfolio, a virtual studio visit, a document of who you are and what you do. And two, it’s how the money in your industry finds you. And you want to be find-able.
Once you’ve built your toolbox, share your work with the world through press releases  and old and new school networking.