The best way to make connections—and create new opportunities—is to show up.

Be visible. Attend events, lectures, and openings. Participate in panels. Join an industry association. Collaborate with other artists. Serve your community.

And don’t ignore your online presence. Tapping social media networks is just another way to open opportunities.

Kansas City Happenings

Browse local arts calendars to find arts events in Kansas City:

Social Media Sites

For visual, media, and performing artists, a great way to give the public a peek at your work.

  • Facebook
    Search for groups that promote discussion among artists in your discipline.
  • Twitter
    Follow the discussion, links, and opportunities from curators, museums, collectors, producers, and fellow artists.

Read About Local Artists

Get the latest news about your peers.

  • RocketBlog
    News about the 2010 Rocket Grant recipients.