Artist INC Advance Fellows' Projects 2015


Debbie Barrett-Jones

​Is moving her art studio outside of her home. This will be the first time ​the artist has had an off-site studio. She anticipates needing advice with budgeting, marketing, goal setting and legal information before ​completing the transition in January 2016.



Laura Isaac

10,000 Hours is a large-scale conceptual-performance project exploring the subjective experience of skill-development and the pursuit of mastery. The completely immersive process is conveyed through social media, podcasts, photography, video, installations, and talks. The art objects that emerge from the project are the visible reminders of the journey so far.


Lisa Marie Evans

Lisa Marie Evans

Through old video footage and interviews, I will assemble a documentary portrait of Douglas Schwietert, mirroring his process as an artist, “Keep the work simply puzzling and open-ended. My work can mean anything anybody wants it to. There are no solutions. Accessibility is my ulti-mate goal.”

Annie Cherry by Dusti Cunningham

Annie Cherry Montgomery

An hour-long, one-woman performative storytelling event, with a striptease component. The stories will range from heartfelt and sentimental, to bawdy and hilarious. Also, an accompanying printed, illustrated book of short stories. Working title, "It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time."


Andi Meyer

Andi Meyer is launching The Pan Asian American Artists of Kansas City, an organization which illuminates and empowers the voice of Asian/Pacific Islanders through the arts. Our focus concerns development of strategic plan, goals, and actionable steps which can launch us into becoming a fully functioning, sustainable organization with a season of productions.

Portrait - Tent - Square

Camry Ivory

Is a musician and weaver of soundscapes. The artist has the desire to incorporate more visual and collaborative elements ​into her practice. She created Coloratura as a way to do this and to explore the intersections of visual art and music.

Coloratura is a transmedia performance that combines visual art and music by converting paint brushes and canvas into a midi controller that can create live music. Both art and music are created simultaneously, providing the viewer with a multisensory experience.

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Anson the Ornery

Ferrule is a concept album and performance that creates a spiritual ritual in a pop setting. Once all the tracks are written I will make a quality recording releasing two singles to build interest in the upcoming album. I will create an engaging live show using interactive video that will be used as inspiration for a music video to promote the album and eventually a tour. All of this material will be compiled into a press package to send specially to 4AD, Wonderland, and Godmode records then other record companies I find to put the artist's creative integrity first.



Michael McClintock

This project is focused around the musical group Cuban Tres. This group brings an authentic feel and sound to the music of Cuba while also using the Cuban Tres to perform other styles of music. The Cuban Tres is seeking funding to take the group to perform in Cuba and record an album.

The Cuban Tres is an indigenous instrument specific to Cuba. My project will be focusing on two things. First, creating the most authentic Cuban music as possible and second, applying the Cuban Tres to other styles of music such as Portuguese Fado, Brazilian music and North American Jazz.



Kasey Rausch

I will be recording original songs accompanied by Kansas City and Midwest musicians and bands. The project will bring musicians together to create an album that will represent regional music as we tour individually across the country and Europe. It will also raise money for Kansas City area non-profits.


trilla ray carter

Trilla Ray-Carter

Plans to design and launch a Kansas City Baroque Consortium summer series of concerts presenting early music to Kansas City. Goals are to increase board membership, pursue funding, refine series concept, develop a marketing plan, and a production outline for a three to four concert series in the summer of 2016.



Cydney Ross

Currently I am working to expand my jewelry line into a profitable business that is sustainable and compliments my fine arts practice. The business will include a combination of wholesale, retail and consignment outlets that provide a variety of opportunities to sell the jewelry both in Kansas City and throughout the United States.


Emily Evans Sloan

​Emily Evans Sloan

The Trailer of Truth is a mobile and unconventional performance & art space that is intended to explore the repressed realities of truth and perception in the public domain. This vintage 1960 Airstream trailer facilitates an on-going series of multi-disciplinary public art engagements intended to surprise, bemuse, and provoke.



​Casey Whittier

Palm Petals is a collaborative community installation: a place for storytelling and creation. Visitors are invited to create flowers by pressing clay into their hands. This meditative gesture creates an opportunity for community building through shared experience. Works will be installed into “garden beds”, creating a new landscape for exhibition.


Minister of Information aka M.O.I.

Tributary is an art installation combining research-driven art, investigative science, and community exploration of one of our nation’s greatest resources—the Missouri River. In Tributary, multimedia metaphorical examinations of rivers and community flow into environmental awareness to create mind bridges that allow for experimental examinations of art, science, and nature.