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Only alumni of the
Creative Capital Professional Development Weekend or Artist INC sessions held in Kansas City between 2007 and 2016 are eligible to apply.  Twelve participants will be selected by a  panel based on the following criteria:

  1. quality, potential, and applicability to workshop focus of the proposed project as identified below in “Projects” and
  2. demonstrated, successful track record of ongoing, professional artistic activity and high quality work.


 Projects should be focused on applicant’s artistic work, but may take a variety of forms. You can read more about previous Artist INC Advance Fellows projects here and here.

  • Projects focused on completing and launching to the public a new artistic work or body of work.
    • Example:  composition of a new chamber music piece and live performance of the work in a multimedia production.
    • Example:  creation of a literary work and pursuit of publishing representation.
  • Projects focused on transitioning your art into a new market or new channel of display or distribution.
    • Example:  visual artist currently selling through high-end art fairs pursing a diversification of distribution channels through a systematic solicitation of national representation.
    • Example:  musician currently focused on local performances expanding geographic distribution through national or international touring opportunities.
    • Example:  playwright pursing national venues for an existing work that has already been produced locally.
  • Projects focused on starting a new arts related enterprise or nonprofit entity.
    • Example:  writer creating a new online, monthly publication as a for-profit venture.
    • Example:  performer creating a new non-profit entity to support and promote the advancement and performance of contemporary dance pieces.
  • Projects focused on accomplishment of one or more of the artist's long-term personal goals related to their art work.
    • Example:  systematic transition from pursing art practice in tandem with a day-job to pursing art practice as a whole-time, fully supporting practice.
    • Example:  systematic pursuit of high-end gallery representation or museum placement.
  • Projects focused on social practice (engaging audiences, promoting participation, and fostering social change)
    • Example:  creating work that requires community involvement and encourages lasting relationships within the community. 
    • Example:  collaborating with a non-arts community group or organization to create or present work with social impact. 

Projects are not in any way limited to those identified in the examples above
.  We are interested in a variety of projects that may or may not be represented here.  For questions regarding project criteria, please contact Lisa Cordes at

Group Projects:  Two artists may apply using the same project, if said project is a collaborative effort.  Each artist must apply for the Artist INC Advance program individually.  In each artists' response to the narrative application questions they may use common answers for questions directly related to the proposed project, but must respond individually to questions related directly to the artist (artist statement, bio, etc).  ALL artists must meet the basic eligibility requirements for the program.

For additional information relative to your unique circumstances, please contact Lisa Cordes at

A substantial portion of the proposed project (artistically and/or business-related) must be actively pursued during the 2017 calendar year.  This may include, but is not limited to, the actual production of the artistic work, marketing, financing, and/or public launch.